Why Choose beYogi Over Next Insurance

Yoga liability insurance policy protects you and your practice. Having yoga insurance is a relatively low cost that supersedes the price tag of an average lawsuit and having coverage protects you from claims regarding accidents and occurrences that can happen in your classes. beYogi Insurance Plus provides perks and benefits that other liability insurance companies do not offer, including coverage for 350+ health and wellness activities.

Beyogi Insurance Plus



  • Occurrence Form Policy
  • Stolen Equipment Coverage: $1,000, *250 deductible
  • Identity Protection Coverage: $25,000
  • Instant Coverage: As soon as you apply, you're covered!
  • Free Website: To promote your classes
  • Student Coverage: $25 for the first year


Yoga Part-Time Professional Policy:

Teaching less than 6 hours
per week

Total Part-Time:

Yoga Full-Time
Professional Policy:

Teaching more than 6 hours
per week

Total Full-Time:
One Year: $179

Two Years $327.95

Save $30!

Get Professional Yoga Insurance
with beYogi

Next Insurance

  • Occurrence Form Policy
  • Stolen Equipment Coverage: None
  • Identity Protection Coverage: None
  • Instant Coverage: Policy takes 24 hours to go into effect
  • Free Website: 30 Day Free Trial Only
  • Student Policy: No Student Policy Available

Insurance Plans


General Liability

$500,00 limit

$0 deductible

$132 or $11 a Month


General Liability

$1,000,000 limit

$0 deductible

$168 or $14 a Month

Pro Plus:

General Liability

$2,000,000 limit

$0 deductible

$192 or $16 a Month

Why does beYogi's yoga insurance outweigh Next Insurance?

Unlike Next Insurance, beYogi offers a $25 student policy, so if you are a student currently enrolled in yoga teacher training (YTT) you are covered even if the unfortunate happens. In addition, Next Insurance does not offer a part-time policy, however beYogi offers a very affordable part-time policy for only $159 a year—so don’t sacrifice your earnings for a policy that only offers full-time coverage.

Also, you’ll want to keep in mind that while you may be teaching at one studio for now, you never know what the future holds! Opportunities may arise to teach a workshop, in private client’s homes, or at retreats and festivals—beYogi insurance will follow you not matter where you decide to take your passion!

Another reason why beYogi Insurance Plus outweighs Next Insurance is because they do not offer their policy holders with benefits such as stolen equipment coverage, identity protection, and a free professional website. Having stolen equipment coverage is something that every yoga instructor should consider, especially if you invest a lot of money in yoga mats and blocks for your clients.

If something that you use for your business is stolen from you, beYogi will reimburse you for those lost or stolen items. When you become insured through beYogi Insurance Plus, you will have up to $1,000 in stolen equipment coverage, giving you the peace of mind you need to accomplish your goals.

Along with the stolen equipment coverage that beYogi Insurance Plus offers, you will also receive identity protection coverage and a free professional website. When you purchase a policy through Next Insurance, you will not receive either of those benefits, which could potentially put your identity and brand at risk.

By investing in a beYogi Insurance Plus policy, you are not only protecting your career but also your practice.

Get Professional Yoga Insurance with BeYogi

beYogi's Insurance Program Highlights

  • One low rate whether you're full-time or part-time; teaching at home or in a studio; independent or an employee; Or events in the US
  • For an additional $30, receive UNLIMITED additional insureds!
  • Covers 350+ health & wellness activities, including Yoga, Pilates, & Dance
  • Instant coverage and proof of insurance via email
  • Includes coverage for identity protection and stolen equipment
  • Free business resources, including a professional website, discounts on yoga products, and inspirational pose directory

Industry Facts

  • It is estimated around sixteen million North Americans practice some form of yoga
  • Yoga had been practiced in India for centuries, but it has been practiced in the United states since the late 19 century.
  • In 2005, the North American Studio Alliance (NAMASTA) estimated there were 70,000 yoga teachers in North America
  • The number of yoga-related injuries treated in hospital emergency rooms almost doubled from 2010-2013, according to the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System (NEISS).

Get Professional Yoga Insurance with BeYogi

What We Cover

  • Yoga
  • Pilates/Dance
  • MAssage
  • Cosmetology
  • Esthetics









Chi Kung










Kali Ray TriYoga





Naam Yoga Therapy

Phoenix Rising Power









White Lotus


YogaFit® Personal Training

Yoga Therapy*

*Coverage for Yoga Therapy is only available for those professionals who (1) are a certified yoga therapist through the International Association of Yoga Therapists; (2) provide a client information document to their clients explaining the nature and extent of the services being provided; and (3) understand and communicate to their clients that Yoga Therapy is not a licensed healthcare profession in the state or jurisdiction in which they practice.

beYogi vs Next Insurance FAQs

Does Next yoga teacher insurance give a quote online?

For yoga insurance Next Insurance requires that you fill out their questionnaire before they’ll be able to quote you. They have three different tiers of insurance for yoga teachers with the ability to add different coverages onto the policy which affect the plan pricing. The location where you operate, what services you’ll provide, your past experiences, and other factors all go into whether Next insurance is able to provide a quote for you after you fill out the questionnaire.

Is Next Insurance a good yoga teacher liability insurance plan?

Next Insurance provides good amounts of several different liabilities including general and professional, which is something you want to see in any yoga insurance worth it’s weight. The plan provides a few other coverages that aren’t as common in yoga insurance but are more applicable with the general business insurance that Next Insurance provides.

How much is Next Insurance yoga insurance?

In order to get a price for Next Insurance, you’ll have to fill out several pages of questions that ask about what services you provide, where you provide them, how you provide them, and other practice-specific questions. When you’ve gotten through all of these and have met the minimum requirements, you can then receive a quote. The quote varies based on the answers you provide in the questionnaire. Next Insurance also offers three different tiers which will affect how much the plan costs depending on which coverage types you choose.

What kind of coverage do you get with Next Insurance?

Next Insurance provides general liability, professional liability, workers compensation, commercial auto, and commercial property. This type of coverage is what you’ll typically find with a general business policy. Bear in mind, on the initial application Next Insurance specifically excludes damage to your tools and equipment, as well as damage to yourself, employees, or subcontractors (which is only covered when you add on workers compensation coverage to your policy). beYogi includes product liability, stolen equipment coverage, rental damage coverage, and an identity protection plan in addition to general and professional liability to give our yoga teachers the best types of protection from the risks they’ll face in the profession.

Does Next Insurance cover other professions as well?

Yes, yoga is only one of many different industries that Next Insurance provides insurance for. You can get accountant insurance, architect insurance, engineer insurance, restaurant insurance, and a huge list of others. Comparatively, beYogi provides a tailored insurance plan just for yoga, health, and wellness professionals. In our experience, we’ve found focusing on providing total support for yoga professionals and a yoga insurance plan made just for them is the best way to provide a useful and effective protection plan for the long haul.

Why is commercial property included with Next Insurance?

Commercial property covers property that you own or rent for damages related to specific loss events like fire and water with Next Insurance. With beYogi, we know that most yoga professionals rent space, so include an individual rental damage coverage that provides help to cover the costs of repairs that are needed. Our policy also covers a wide range of different occurrences so you aren’t limited to just fire and water damages like you are with other plans.

I don’t have employees, why do I need workers compensation with Next?

Next Insurance offers a variety of business-related insurance plans for a wide variety of professions. They are geared to help business owners get a business insurance policy to provide protection for their whole enterprise which is why they include business insurance coverages like workers compensation and commercial auto. If you aren’t a busy yoga studio with employees, having workers compensation coverage is likely something you won’t use.

Does Next yoga teacher insurance provide a plan for yoga students?

At present, no, Next Insurance does not provide a yoga student insurance plan. With beYogi, our entire philosophy is about supporting yoga professionals throughout their career and there isn’t much more important than the start. That’s why we include a fully-loaded insurance plan at a drastically reduced rate just for yoga students. This one-year coverage is only $25 and can be obtained any time before you graduate. A great idea is to wait until you're almost graduated to go ahead and get this plan. That way, you’ll get most of your first year as a practicing yoga teacher covered for the low student rate.

How many yoga modalities are covered by Next Insurance vs beYogi?

Next Insurance does not provide a list of covered modalities under their yoga insurance plan but offers a host of different insurance plans for other professions like Zumba instructor or Pilates instructor. With beYogi, your yoga insurance plan covers literally hundreds of different yoga and wellness modalities simultaneously so that you have the most freedom in choosing a great routine for your students. Yoga is all about flow which means you may need to want to use techniques from acro yoga, ashtanga, and vinyasa all in one class to pull off a truly transformational session. The additional covered modalities with beYogi are included at no extra cost but some other plans will charge you a fee when you want to add additional modalities outside of their core offering.

Does Next Insurance provide additional resources for yoga teachers?

Next Insurance does not appear to provide any additional resources on their website for yoga teachers. They do have a blog which has different features on particular industries. Comparatively, beYogi places a lot of emphasis on being a trusted resource for yoga teachers and has whole libraries of curated content within the categories of Teach, Live, Poses, and Resources. You’ll find tons of articles, webinars, e-guides, and more on how to plan the perfect yoga sequence, tips for running a successful yoga practice, guides for advanced poses, and so much more.

What kind of member benefits come with Next yoga teacher insurance?

Next Insurance does not list member benefits on their website for yoga insurance. beYogi provides a full listing of member benefits right up front and center so you can see exactly what you’ll get with your policy. From day one, our members get access to great deals on the best yoga products and services available, a free website to build and promote your practice online, yoga teacher resources, and more. We believe in including member benefits to give our policyholders the best value possible with their yoga insurance plan.

What is a Next Insurance “bundled quote”?

Next Insurance asks you during the questionnaire if you’d like to add general liability and workers compensation to your quote. Next Insurance offers different coverage levels for a wide range of businesses and professions, including yoga. You can mix and match the different coverages and tiers in the questionnaire to get a custom quote. With beYogi, you get an all-inclusive yoga insurance plan with general, professional, and product liability coverage as well as additional protections and member benefits all included under one, low price you can see up front.

Do you have to be an RTT to get Next yoga insurance?

Next Insurance does not require advanced certification to get quoted for insurance but they do ask what certifications you hold which can affect the premium you receive. beYogi does not require advanced certification like the RTT to get insurance and we offer our complete policy for yoga teachers at a low annual rate that you can see from the get-go.

Does Next Insurance require waivers?

Yes, as part of the quote process Next Insurance asks if you currently use waivers and indicates that if you don’t and in order to get insurance you will need to start requiring that all of your clients sign a waiver before you begin a session with them.

What modalities Next Insurance yoga teacher insurance exclude?

Next Insurance states that they specifically exclude acro yoga, aerial yoga, damage to someone else’s property, fitness classes with infants or animals, and a long list of other circumstances. You can see the full list of excluded activities when you begin your application with Next Insurance. Be careful, if you offer massage therapy Next Insurance may be unable to provide you with a quote because they don’t provide coverage for that service in your location. This can be a bummer to find out after clicking through page after page in the quote application just to get to the end and receive a message that says you can’t be quoted by Next.

Why does Next Insurance include commercial auto with their yoga insurance?

The Next Insurance website calls this a “business insurance” policy which means it caters to business owners. One thing business owners may want to consider is having a commercial auto policy if they drive a company vehicle or have employees that do so. We know a lot of yoga teachers aren’t looking to add a bunch of employees and company vehicles under their practice so don’t include this with our plans.

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