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Yoga liability insurance policy protects you and your practice. Having yoga insurance is a relatively low cost that supersedes the price tag of an average lawsuit and having coverage will protect you from claims regarding accidents and occurrences that can happen in your classes. BeYogi Insurance Plus provides perks and benefits that other liability insurance companies do not offer, including coverage for 350+ health and wellness activities. See why BeYogi yoga insurance outweighs Alternative Balance Insurance.

Beyogi Insurance Plus



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    Occurrence Form Policy
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    Addition Insureds: Add additional insureds for $10 each or get UNLIMITED additional insureds for $30
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    Instant Coverage: Receive instant coverage sent to your email or through the mail for FREE
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    Free Website: To promote your classes


Yoga Full-Time Professional Policy:

One Year $179

Two Years $327.95

Save $30!

Yoga Student Policy:


first year students

Alternative Balance

  • Occurrence Form Policy
  • Additional Insureds: Add addition insureds for $10 each
  • Instant Coverage: Receive instant coverage sent to your email or through the mail for an additional $25
  • Free Website: 30 Day Free Trial, then $4.99 a month


Part-Time Professional:

Teaching less than 20 hours
per week

Total Part-Time:

Full-Time Professional:

Teaching more than 20 hours
per week

Total Full-Time:

Yoga Student Policy:


first year students

Get Professional Yoga Insurance
with BeYogi

Why does beYogi's yoga insurance outweigh Alternative Balance insurance?

Unlike Alternative Balance, beYogi Insurance Plus offers yoga instructors all-inclusive liability insurance as low as $179 a year that includes amazing perks such as discounts on your favorite yoga brands, a free website to promote your classes, and stolen equipment coverage. Not only does Alternative Balance not provide their customers with a free website or stolen equipment coverage, but they also have an expensive student policy! beYogi Insurance Plus offers an affordable student policy for only $25 a year. So, save yourself the extra $164 and buy yourself something that actually benefits your practice!

In addition, Alternative Balance offers two policies, one for part-time instructors priced at $219 and the other for full-time instructors priced at $249. However, the good news is, beYogi Insurance Plus also offers a part-time and a full-time policy for a fraction of the cost! If you get insured with beYogi Insurance Plus today you will be paying only $159 a year for a part-time policy and $179 a year for a full-time policy—so don’t sacrifice your earnings for an overpriced policy.

Also, you’ll want to keep in mind that while you may be teaching at one studio for now, you never know what the future holds! Opportunities may arise to teach a workshop, in private client’s homes, or at retreats and festivals—beYogi insurance will follow you not matter where you decide to take your passion!

Another reason why beYogi Insurance Plus outweighs Alternative Balance is because they do not offer their policy holders with benefits such as stolen equipment coverage, identity protection, and a free professional website. Having stolen equipment coverage is something that every yoga instructor should consider, especially if you invest a lot of money in yoga mats and blocks for your clients. If something that you use for your business is stolen from you, beYogi will reimburse you for those lost or stolen items. When you become insured through beYogi Insurance Plus, you will have up to $1,000 in stolen equipment coverage, giving you the peace of mind you need to accomplish your goals.

Along with the stolen equipment coverage that beYogi Insurance Plus offers, you will also receive identity protection coverage and a free professional website. When you purchase a policy through Alternative Balance, you will not receive either of those benefits, which could potentially put your identity and brand at risk.

By investing in a beYogi Insurance Plus policy, you are not only protecting your career but also your practice.

BeYogi's Insurance Program Highlights

  • One low rate whether you're full-time or part-time; teaching at home or in a studio; independent or an employee; Or events in the US
  • Covers 350+ health & wellness activities, including Yoga, Pilates, & Dance
  • Instant coverage and proof of insurance via email
  • Includes coverage for identity protection and stolen equipment
  • Free business resources, including a professional website, discounts on yoga products, and inspirational pose directory

Industry Facts

  • It is estimated around sixteen million North Americans practice some form of yoga
  • Yoga had been practiced in India for centuries, but it has been practiced in the United states since the late 19 century.
  • In 2005, the North American Studio Alliance (NAMASTA) estimated there were 70,000 yoga teachers in North America
  • The number of yoga-related injuries treated in hospital emergency rooms almost doubled from 2010-2013, according to the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System (NEISS).

Get Professional Yoga Insurance with BeYogi

What We Cover

  • Yoga
  • Pilates/Dance
  • MAssage
  • Cosmetology
  • Esthetics








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