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Best Yoga Articles

Best of Winter

Please enjoy our most popular articles from December 2020 to March 2021! Our mission is to support you on your yoga journey to becoming a better teacher and growing your yoga business.

Yoga Lifestyle Articles

Ayurvedic Tips to Help with Digestion and Igniting the Digestive Fire

Digestion is a common subject among health enthusiasts. Consider the common phrase “we are what we eat” and change it to “we are what we digest.” Read these tips about how to help strengthen your digestive fire and how to use Ayurveda to get healthier every time you eat.

Seven Influential Female Yoga Instructors You Should Know About

In honor of women everywhere, and in honor of the way women have shaped the world of yoga, we present to you a few of the influential female yogis women who have had exceptional impact on our world through their yoga instruction.

It’s Okay to Wobble

Yoga is about the union between body and mind. It is about learning to connect to the body in order to release tension, become or stay fit, increase flexibility, and tap into the breath for a bit of calm when things get too crazy.

Teaching Tips Articles

The Power of Transitions

Yoga Transitions, while they may not get much attention, can add so much life to your practice. They can even make or break your practice. They don’t satisfy the ego, the way a pose does. They can’t be photographed. But they bring awareness to the moment.

How Chair Yoga Can Help To Expand Your Teaching Skills

Chair Yoga can help make yoga accessible for everyone and is a well needed prop for many so that they can practice yoga poses (asanas) safely. Yoga teachers will benefit greatly by learning Chair Yoga as well so that all of their students can have safe and effective options to practice yoga.

COVID-19 Articles

COVID-Proof Legal Essentials for Yogis in 2021

Whether you’re a yoga studio owner or teacher, COVID has changed how the entire Yoga world operates. It’s more important than ever to have best legal practices in place to ensure your business and assets are protected. 

Yoga Teacher Tips for 2021: Are you ready?

We made it through 2020 – a year with more ups and downs and challenges than normal. Hopefully, you can look back and see the variety of ways you met these challenges both professionally and personally so you can be ready to take on 2021 with new insight, energy, and knowledge to move forward with courage and confidence!

The Business of Yoga Articles

yoga retreat

How Much Do Yoga Teachers Really Make on Retreats?

Yoga retreats afford an opportunity to unplug from all of the distractions of modern life and re-center in a new locale. But how much do yoga teachers really make on retreats? The answer depends on a variety of factors, most importantly the planning behind the excursion.

Audience Building 101

When you have an audience that respects you and is captive, you can present them the right offers which can lead to positive sales growth. The trifecta we cover is: Audience, Business Models, Revenue. 

Is it Legal to Play Music for your Online Yoga Classes?

With the pandemic we are experiencing, more and more yoga professionals are moving their classes online. When it comes to using or streaming music for your classes, this begs the question: Are you legally allowed to be playing music for your classes?

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