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Please enjoy our most popular articles from September to November 2020! Our mission is to support you on your yoga journey to becoming a better teacher and growing your yoga business.

Yoga Lifestyle Articles

Science of Yoga: Boost Your Immunity

Ann Swanson, author of the "Science of Yoga" book, hosed a 1-hour webinar to teach us about the science of yoga and how to use yoga to access the benefits located within the systems of your body and how to boost your immunity.

5 Must-Have Medicinal Spices for Yogis

Adding a little bit of Ayurvedic spice to your diet is an easy way to make your meals healthier. Spices have mild medicinal qualities that boost the agni (digestive fire), burn away toxins, and even help to relieve pain and inflammation. They can support you on your yogic mission to reside in your healthiest physical form.

Self Assists & Self Massage for Relaxation

Are you missing those pre-COVID hands on assists that let you melt into your practice? We definitely are! Try these yoga self assists and self massages to add an extra element of bliss into your self care routine!

A Yoga Routine for Insomnia

Sleep and your health go hand in hand so it is important to be proactive in getting a good rest. Don't let the tossing and turning hinder your health. Give these yoga poses a try and reap the benefits of a better night's sleep!

Teaching Tips Articles

5 Best & Worst Poses for Online Teaching

When teaching online, it is crucial that when you are planning your classes that you keep safety in the forefront of your mind to ensure a transformative, but safe practice for your students. Here are 5 of the best and worst yoga poses to teach online.

How to Introduce Sound Healing in your Yoga Classes

From crystal bowls to didgeridoos, sound healing has exploded over the past few years, and rightfully so. It’s a powerful way to reduce stress and calm the mind, allowing practitioners to sink into deep states of relaxation – which sounds like something that would be amazing to add to your yoga class!

COVID-19 Articles

COVID-19 is Here to Stay for a While: Online and Offline Legal Essentials to Protect Yourself

In this post-COVID studio landscape, the yoga industry has changed. Make sure you have the best legal practices in place to ensure your business is protected.

The Surprising Benefits of Pandemic Teaching

We’ve all seen the memes- the ones that declare 2020 the worst year ever...but I would like to present an alternative to the narrative that 2020 has completely ruined everything and all is not lost. In fact, I would go as far as to say there have been some surprising benefits to surviving a pandemic as a yoga teacher.

The Business of Yoga Articles

5 Teaching Tips to Keep Beginning Yogis Coming Back

Most beginners initially come to yoga in pursuit of outward benefits; be it flexibility, weight loss, or a yoga booty. These five teaching tips will make beginning students feel so confident and comfortable that they'll look forward to returning for more in person or online classes.

5 Steps to Becoming a Successful Yoga Teacher

Becoming a great yoga entrepreneur is not a science nor is it as simple as A quality + B quality = takes time, practice, and help from people who have gone through the grind. Amanda Kingsmith shares with us her 5 key steps to get on your way to becoming a successful yoga teacher.

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