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11 Important Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting a Yoga Business

A yoga instructor leads two students through a yoga class from her yoga business.

Let’s rewind about five years ago. When I opened my first yoga studio, I began the process completely unaware of the obstacles I would have to overcome in order to create a successful, thriving business.

When you’re starting a yoga business, there will be times when things don’t go your way—you may begin to feel discouraged.

But at the end of the day, starting a yoga business is a journey unlike any other. Becoming your own boss is great, but having a business centered around something you’re passionate about is even better.

KEY TAKEAWAYS: Yogis and business owners will learn tips on how to run a successful, fulfilling yoga business from the start. Advice spans finding purpose and setting attainable goals, as well as creating a brand that's true to you and within a niche that interests you. With this information, yoga business owners can hit the ground running.

11 Things To Know Before Starting A Yoga Business

Have a strong purpose

The key to creating a smart and successful business is to start by connecting to a higher purpose.

Going into any business venture, you should think about your overall goals and what you set out to accomplish. 

By creating a strong purpose, you can better understand yourself, which can allow you to create an unstoppable business.

It's not just about making money and reaching people–even if those are partly the reasons you went into business. Ask yourself bigger questions, like: 

  • what's my overall goal for this work?
  • Who do I want to touch with my business?
  • What larger purpose does this business provide? 

Teamwork makes the dream work

Never try to go it completely alone–even if you are, technically, running a one-man show from the start. This is vital step when you want to start a business.

Make sure you don’t overwhelm yourself with random tasks, and try delegating these tasks to the right people based on their strengths and weakness, depending on who you have at your disposal. 

If you have to contract work at first, that's fine. But focus on establishing a team that you can trust, build, and grow. Putting together a team that works well together can be one of the best ways to ensure your business will be successful.

Set goals for yourself

Always have a goal in mind. By creating daily tasks you can accomplish things much faster, all while feeling more fulfilled as you continue to check things off your mental list. 

Begin with the small things, but don't ignore the larger goals. Think back to that purpose you were so invested in. Consider all the steps you need to help reach that purpose. Set attainable goals that drive you toward the larger, overall goals. 

Create a process for everything

Understand all aspects of your business and streamline them to all work together. Be sure to have a process for referrals, sales, and marketing. Start small, then work your way up. It's easy for business to overwhelm you, so consider investing in CRM systems or yoga software automations that can empower you to accomplish more (without requiring you to physically do more). 

Try to understand what your system is and how your processes can work together to help you grow your business.

Discover your values

Try focusing your time on what you are most passionate about. Once you discover your core values and what makes you unique, begin to think about the different ways to implement these values into your new business.

Then, once you know your values, implement and infuse them into everything you do. This is more than just a branding strategy, it's a philosophy that should lead your business forward in every decision. 

Establish your values, then let them be your guide. 

Create a brand that represents you

This is more important than you realize. We live in a digital age–and even if you're not a tech-savvy, person, it's vital to realize that the audience you're trying to attract does live in online.

If you have your own website set up with proper branding, it can help connect others to who you are and what you do.

That means your reach is greater, your capacity to attract more students is stronger, and your credibility is more established, too. All of these things are incredibly important. 

This is vital for your websites, your digital presence, and your social media strategy, too. 

Find your niche

Think about what you are most passionate about and make a name for yourself! I did this early on in my yoga career

By becoming one of the first Acroyoga teachers in the world. I knew what I loved doing which made it easy for me when I began pursuing that particular niche.

Create content

Do you enjoy writing or creating videos? Are you a whiz at social media posts? Do you hav a knack for connecting with people? It sounds like social media platforms are a must for you–especially in terms of a marketing strategy.

Find a medium where you can put yourself out there and attract attention from new followers. Maybe it's YouTube, maybe its TikTok, maybe it's Instagram–maybe it's all three! 

Use whatever you love and create content that you are passionate about. This not only helps build your presence as a leader, but also helps to build your credibility as a business owner.

Ask for help when you need it

Having guidance is priceless.

The best thing I could have done for my business was to have a mentor to walk me through the process.

Having someone there to help you is extremely beneficial, especially if it’s your first time owning or managing a business.

Network with likeminded people 

Find networking events that you enjoy participating in and get yourself out there! If you are looking for private clients, a networking event might be your best option.

There are tons of events, community groups, trade shows, and beyond where you can link up with like-minded people searching for a yoga studio.

Take advantage of this and invest in the community you've chosen–it'll open the door to a ton of new people you can connect with. 

Celebrate your wins

Always make sure that after all the hard work, testing, and expansion, you make time to celebrate your earnings.

Remember starting a yoga business is a process, and things will change. Be flexible. Whatever you do, always stay positive and keep your eye on the prize.

Every small win matters, so lift it up in the celebration it (and you) deserve.

Arianne Traverso
Arianne's goal is simple: help people achieve their physical and spiritual goals with a lighthearted approach. With over 10 years experience teaching as a dynamic Hatha-Vinyasa and Senior AcroYoga instructor, Arianne focuses on the healing aspects of yoga to unleash the unlocked potentials in the body, meditation, and connecting within. Through teacher trainings, yoga retreats, healing Thai massage sessions, and Miami's pioneer of Zrii Ayurvedic Products, Arianne can create changes in people's lives for the better! As co-owner of TRIO Studios based in Wynwood, Miami, Arianne teaches workshops and trainings across the world. The broad horizon of her experience infuses her classes with fun and the sense that one can achieve anything. Arianne's expertise in yoga, acrobatics, and Thai massage helps students to build their own well-balanced understanding of the practice through the use of clear, technical teaching skills, compassionate adjustments, breath connection, and intuitive body awareness.