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Doron Hanoch

Doron Hanoch is the author of The Yoga Lifestyle (Llewellyn publishers, June 2016). He began his yoga and meditation practice in 1992 while in Asia, where he stayed at Osho’s ashram, studied yoga in Rishikesh, studied with the Dalai Lama, practiced Vipassana in Thailand, lived and worked with a Buddhist priest in Japan, and, most of all, learned from his own experiences. Doron is a yoga instructor certified by the Yoga Alliance (ERYT 500), a certified nutrition consultant, a certified holistic chef and a member of the American Society of Drugless Practitioners. He published a poetry book in Hebrew titled, “Now I Am Here,” which brought forth his continuous quest for harmony between his inner truth and the life he felt he needed to live. He is currently building a Zen yoga center in Guatemala. Connect with Doron at Doron Yoga, Facebook, or Youtube. You can also purchase his book, The Yoga Lifestyle: Using the Flexitarian Method to Ease Stress, Find Balance, and Create a Healthy Life.

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