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You've got protection but sometimes your landlord or boss needs a little extra. Add them as an additional insured to create excess coverage for general liability claims.

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Fill out the form to add an additional insured to your policy.

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Additional Insured Form

    Additional Insured FAQs

    An additional insured is a person or business entity protected by the endorsement from the named insured's negligence. It is not meant to protect other practitioners.

    Why do I need an additional insured?

    If your employer or landlord requires you to add him or her as an additional insured. In doing so, you are giving that person or entity legal claim on the benefits paid under the general liability portion of your policy to the extent they suffer a loss.

    Is there any cost to add an additional insured?

    Yes, the cost is $10 per additional insured. For a special wording request, an additional $10 service fee will need to be collected for the certificate to be created.

    How do I submit a special wording request?

    Simply type your special wording request in the text box included in the form. A special certificate will need to be approved and created by one of our insurance specialists. Please allow two business days for the certificate to be created.